If there IS an awesome side to the bullshit…

If there IS an awesome side to the bullshit… that Screenwriters must endure everyday, it’s that we can climb back out of that pile, any time we want.

By simply immersing ourselves in the worlds we create.  We can live and breathe much clearer in those worlds.  We see the flowers brighter and the air tastes much sweeter.  And through that mire of crap one must remember one thing… This all comes about, by our own doing.

The power of our quill is the mightiest of all.  It enables us to live and breathe in the worlds, as if we were meant to be alive in those worlds.  It is who we are. We are our own awesomeness.  And those worlds would not exist without us.

The trick is to find that power inside you again.  To sit down and know that this is your place.  Your time.  Your world.  And it is waiting there in front of you, to take it to levels never before known to mankind.

This power lies in only you, as we are all masters of our own situations.  It’s time for you, to make time for you… And stop wondering if you are doing the right thing, or if your time can be spent wiser doing something else like (__________, fill in the blank).

Nothing is more important than keeping true to yourself,  your dreams, your desires.  This is the essence of what makes you real.  Not the face of happiness or sadness that you put on for the sake of others.

Now is the time for you to stand for yourself and be true to only you. This is what you deserve and this is what is waiting for you. In the end.

But it’s not gonna get done on its own and it all starts with your very next step.

Even if it’s mean making it a point to sit in front of a blank computer screen, with nothing written on it. You must dedicate yourself to this laborious task and challenge yourself 100%.

There is no other world but the one you create.  So let’s go.  Create it.

And in time the rest of us will witness the fruits that grow upon the trees that you plant.

Max Crowe

Rockland Street Projects

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