Actor/Producer-Gianni Capaldi on RSP

We kick off the new season next week with good friend, Shawn Flanagan, Indie Director/Filmmaker at Almadin Films, as a guest co-host.

Shawn K. Flanagan Imdb shotShawn will be adding his exceptional views on creating more with less (much less, in most cases) Shawn is a true master of the craft…



puff puff passTogether, Shawn and RSP host Max Crowe will be hanging out with a very special guest, Gianni Capaldi… Gianni Capaldi Imdb

We’ll be discussing everything from his kick ass, new projects with some of the top talent in the industry, to why your spec script NEEDS to he hitting on all 8 cylinders, to be something that can be worked with, as a filmable product. Check out Gianni Capaldi on IMDB


For info on when this show will air.

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