SWTF!!! IS DEAD long live R.S.P.

rockland street projects holden malooOk Dudes! here we go… SWTF! is dead!!! welcome to the next level of awesomeness… ROCKLAND STREET PROJECTS… I would like to announce the Epic Growing process we have undergone over the last 5 months at Screenwriting WTF!…We have expanded our scope and thus have taken on an even bigger name as our flag ship reaches out for new directions…   We have broadened our scope and are offering an even more indepth look into the world of creating the perfect Spec Script… We will be bringing you a well rounded group of guests and Guest co-hosts, from all walks of the industry, to share with you the reality of what they need from YOU, THE WRITER and your finished product… Come join us on our new page… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rockland-Street-Projects-radio-show/1413456395533265?ref=hl

Thoughts? Words? here's your chance right here!!!

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